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DG Xu Pao led a team to visit the crew of the 030Fisheries Administration ship

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On June 10, Xu Pao, DG of the Center, came to Yangzhou Port to visit all the crew members of the 030 Fisheries Administration ship who were participating in the Yangtze River aquatic life protection.

Xu Pao praised the crew of the 030 ship for giving up the Dragon Boat Holiday and still sticking to their professionalism. And he affirmed the achievements of the 030 ship in the protection of aquatic resources in the Yangtze River. For the next step, he emphasized that, first, we must fully understand the characteristics of heavy cruise missions and must ensure the safety of personnel and ships during work; second, we must make full use of the China Fisheries Administration 030 platform to expand the center's influence in the river basin. Third, we must fully combine cruise enforcement actions, actively expand research on the Yangtze River aquatic organisms, and constantly enrich and improve research methods.


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