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Associate Professor Qiang Jun Investigates "South-South Cooperation" Project in the Western Balkans

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At the invitation of the “South-South Cooperation” project office of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, Prof. Qiang Jun, Associate Professor, together with FAO expert team went to Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia and other three countries to carry out early inspection for the feasibility of projects during December 7-15.


According to the plan, the inspection team respectively visited schools and fish farms in Tirana, Albania, Skopje, Northern Macedonia, and Belgrade, Serbia and surrounding suburbs to conduct studies on freshwater resources and fisheries research. The investigation found that freshwater aquaculture in the area generally had relatively low production so that most aquatic products are exported and local residents have difficulty buying and eating fish. Meanwhile, in terms of consumption, aquatic products are not favored in the market.


During the visit, the inspection team also visited the relevant fisheries resources departments in Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia, and communicated the purpose and plan of the "South-South Cooperation" project. Prof.Qiang Jun exchanged information on the status of fisheries development in China with advanced technology with experts and the heads of relevant departments. The freshwater resources especially lakes in the Western Balkans are relatively abundant. However, during the breeding season each year, the water level will drop, so that a large number of fish eggs will be exposed to the sun and dead afterwards. This will cause damage to fishery resources and insufficient supply of seeds. "The project and the assistance of a team of experts can build a seed farm, to help the local aquaculture of freshwater fish species, and solve the problems of seed production and market supply.



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