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The director general of Animal Resource Directorate of Ministry of Agriculture in Iraq visits the FFRC

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Mr. Musaddak Ali, Director General of Animal Resource Directorate of Iraq ’s Ministry of Agriculture, together with other 3 experts were invited to visit the Freshwater Fisheries Research Center from December 13th to 20thto exchange on recirculated aquaculture system and ecological fish farming. Entrusted by Professor Xu Pao (Director of FFRC), Prof. Zhu Jian, chief of the Scientific Research Department and Prof. Xu Gangchun,chief of the Aquaculture Research Department warmly received the delegation.


During the exchange, Prof. Zhu Jian, on behalf of Director Xu Pao, first extended a warm welcome to the visit of Mr. Musadak Ali and his fellows, then he introduced the development of the center and important scientific research results in recent years, and focused on research progress, accumulated technology and experience of the industrialized aquaculture system in ponds and indoor recirculated aquaculture system. He also stated that FFRC is willing to deepen cooperation with Iraq on fisheries under the “Belt and Road” and South-South cooperation framework to help the healthy and sustainable development of local aquaculture. Mr. Musadak Ali expressed his gratitude for the warm reception of the FFRC, and said that the visit has benefited a lot, not only understanding the research results of China's recirculated aquaculture, but also witnessing the relevant efficient practices of technology in the modern industrialized aquaculture system. Most importantly, he hoped to deepen the scientific and technological cooperation and personnel exchanges with FFRC and invited experts and scholars from the center to visit Iraq, so as to guide local RAS development and freshwater fishery production, and promote Iraq ’s rapid development of the industry.


During the visit, Mr.Musadak Ali and his fellow experts also went to the Yangzhong Research and Experimental Base of FFRC, and YanchengZhengrong Ecological Fishery Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Zhengyuan Chuanghui Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd., and YanchengGuoneng Investment Co., Ltd. and Jiangyin Shengang Sanxian aquaculture Co., Ltd., and conducted in-depth discussion with other relevant experts, technical personnel and enterprise managers on large-scale industrial tank aquaculture, indoor factory recirculatedaquaculture, integrated fish farming and leisure fisheries for sightseeing, water quality control and health management, and development and application of aquatic animal protection products. carried out in-depth discussions and exchanges.



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